What We Do

We sing a mixture of traditional Appalachian ballads, gospel, old time and country. We sing on the streets, in peoples houses, pubs, clubs, churches and festivals big and small. We have sung to working girls in the red light district of Paris and priests in Sibiu, Romania. We don't claim to be great musicians, we sing for the pure joy of singing. We sometimes support our singing with a combination of guitars, banjo, banjola, and mandolin and one day David will play his fiddle.

Alice Wylde

Alice was raised on a small farm in the heart of West Virginia. One of eight children, she comes from a singing family who can trace their Appalachian roots back to before the Revolutionary war. They went to church where there were no musical instruments and sang shape note hymns with so much passion she thought the roof would surely fly off. Music has always been part of her life, just like her mother before her. She sings at home, at work and when walking around the supermarket. Alice plays banjo, guitar and a little mountain dulcimer to keep her singing company.

David Wylde

Alice moved to England to be with David in 2004 and quickly found an outlet for her singing, among the local folk clubs of Hampshire and Wiltshire. David had no previous experience of performing, but it wasn't long before Alice had him singing along to the choruses, then singing solo. Realising his potential, Alice soon began shaping David into someone she could duet with. It started with a diet of fried chicken and tators to fatten him up and constant references to how purdy "Grizzly Adams" was. Following many visits to West Virginia for voice and culture training, his singing is described as "Prissy" but he hopes age will improve it.

Songs of Old Appalachia


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1. West Virginia Boys

2. Bill Stafford

3. My Old Brown Coat and Me

4. Babes in the Wood

5. Shiloh's Hill

6. Groundhog

7. Old Pheobe Ice

8 Heart of Glass

9. Revolutionary Tea

10. Johnny Doyle

11. Unclouded Day



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Alice & David Wylde